Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time to vote!

It is that time of the year again and please help Waukesha get on top of the A List!

Waukesha Tattoo Company

Massage by Chelsea on Thursdays in WTC...

Acupuncture by Robin, formerly at WTC on Fridays...

Cafe De Arts, where we get our coffee at WTC...

Periwinkle's, where we get our donuts for Donuts Saturday!

Poppin' On Broadway, where we get our special WTC blend popcorn!

Gen 5, where the WTC's 5 year anniversary will be at...

Mainstream, where we had our 3rd anniversary at.

Boscos, where we had our 2nd anniversary at...

Of course there are many more friends/customers of the shop, like Dave and CaroleHoG, Pat's, Alison Art House, Almont, and Rochester Deli!

There are places we hang out/take out in DTW like Bernie's, Nice Ash, Fixture, People's, Steaming Cup, La Estacion, and Divino.

There are also River's End and Discount.  Let me know if I forget anyone...

Vote Waukesha! Thank you...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fusion Cafe

My Taiwanese customer friend S.Y. alerted me to this place, it is kinda a big deal. The conversation was like " Hey, you better go now and often just in case they don't make it" or "Hey, you better go now and often to make sure they stay in business!"

We went today and we will be going there often from now on... (Oh, my foodie prayer had been answered...)

I would be perfectly happy if this place is just a bakery. Their egg tart was so fresh, it was better than the ones I had on the street s of Macao.

I would be perfectly happy if this place only sell noodle soups. The beef noodle soup was so big, yet I had to eat everything in the huge bowl. One little warning: if you are set on lean meat with no fat and tendons, this is not for you.

I would be happy if this is a bubble tea place only. The tapioca balls were up to my standard, but do get the fruit flavors instead of the tea flavors.

I would be happy if they only serve dim sum food. The turnip cake was fresh and they even had taro root cake... The BBQ pork bun was fresh and with lots of meat...

The best part? The place was filled with Asian families on a Sunday... The word is definitely out and now this place will be a gem for the rest of foodies to discover... This is not the American Chinese stuff, this place is the real McCoy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Access to restroom or no?

As a small business owner, this is kinda an issue. Some thinks it is a god given right to use the restroom of your business, some thinks it is bad business if you deny any request, but is it?

We had several incidents that people walking by the street were asking to use the restroom. Some were parents with kids, some were just street people, some had no clue what we do here. Some were extremely rude and some just wanted a chance to raid  the candy dish.

There is really no good policy but case by case, but a business is a private entity and we do reserve the right for access to restroom and even serve one. We certainly do not want to encourage street people to use the restroom, borrow the phone or break a dollar ( to open the cash register ). However, a lot of online conversations mainly stated from the customers' point of view which is open access.

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The big picture

When Mayor Reilly was elected, he said he would always look at the big picture, and that is what I am trying to do. This blog entry is actually pretty tough to write but here it is, once again, JMHO.

I know there were history before my brief membership at WDBA, but I remember one meeting was about the political influence of certain resident on the street and the discussion was how to counter that. Some said to use the same tactic of email and letters. Fast forward to the Scrima's switching allegiance and he unbalanced the DTW power structure and we lost BID while power and money start flowing to WDBA.

How do you change? This street like THE STREET is ruled by greed and fear. The fees are going up and the fear of someone opposite in charge or any change to the event model will solidify support to keep things the same. Some depends on the event income to survive, and when it comes to survival, you want to stand by the winning side.

I just think we all need to rethink about the approach. Substituting one group of power players with another is not the answer, and if some power players did do some unethical stuff, then let that play out. If it is true, and once the members of that organization realize they are exposed to the liability because of the shady stuff, then reform will come within. If one keeps banging on the glass from the outside, it only solidify the leadership as a need to fend off any change.

It is already a minor victory that Mayor Reilly did not kill FNL as some proclaimed, and if the street construction forced some stages to be moved off the street, then there will be another theory pierced. As long as Mayor Reilly hold true to keep things black and white instead of Scrima gray, then playing within the rules is all fair game. If you don't like the rules, petition CC to change it.

We had a very emotional 4 years and this should be viewed as a logistic problem going forward. Every little change lead to more and bigger changes, and we do not need to be at each others' throat any more...

There is a bigger challenge ahead, and we better figure something out and come together...

Friday, June 20, 2014

The long view

(This is just all my opinion and projection of DTW, please do not take anything as personal attacks...)

Where is DTW going? The biggest challenge is not the fight between WDBA and the alone-rs, it is the road project for the next 6 years. Businesses with good base, sound practice, and reserve will survive, and it will shake out the weak.

If the new Irish pub/hotel brings a new dawn, then all the eateries need to upgrade capacity to meet demand. If the event model continues, how much revenue can you gather if you can not push out food? Gen 5 is planning ahead, that is why they are where they are.

The other part of this is the infrastructure, and when empty storefronts and falling-apart buildings get to the max-pain point, watch out for the big boys to come in on the cheap and buy up to renovate. It will start to push the rent up for the renter businesses and sooner or later, the property owner/business owner will be in the driver seat.

We are where we are is because the max pain point is yet to be reached, and there is no incentive to change. The "kings" of the street should know everything is temporary, and changes are inevitable.

Just my two cents from the fence,,,

Saturday, May 31, 2014


I spoke to Alex from the city and found out the water main project is still under planning. More will be discussed in the coming meetings but looks like the far west end will be closed off for cars when it happens. There will still be pedestrian access however. This will happen to most of Main in the next 5 years or so section by section. The wider part of Main by Woodmen's is the few exceptions.

The question is where is gonna be the first section started and when... Be prepared.... DTW...

The other news is that Choco Cat is home from Oshkosh but still in isolation due to a skin condition from his hoarder home past. We are very happy to have this friendly boy in our pack...

Happy birthday to Ms Kool!!! Btw, she is 39 again.

This is the other addition to the family over the Memorial day weekend...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick update

The word on the street is that Clarke Hotel is close to become something like this... BUT it is not a done deal yet... We shall know where this is going very soon, at least there will be someone local waiting to jump in if this current deal falls apart I gathered.

The Main street water main replacement project is still in planning stage and it will take 5-6 year?! It is for the full length of Main, since the current pipe is from 1900's... So... we shall see where they will start section by section... and adapt.

I also need to wish Moxie a belated happy 4th birthday. Little Missy celebrated her 3rd birthday too over the weekend.

I ran into Mayor Reilly at Periwinkles Bakery the other day and he chose the bacon donuts if you all want to know... It is kinda nice to have no drama these days...

By the way, more cat interview scheduled ahead... This one is in Oshkosh... Wish us luck...